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We offer non-invasive therapeutic laser therapy to treat a variety of conditions and ailments.

Laser Therapy in Seaview, WA

What types of conditions benefit from therapeutic lasers?

The most common applications for therapeutic lasers include pain relief from muscle/soft tissue injuries, osteoarthritis, post-operative therapy around incisions, wounds (to stimulate and accelerate healing), and any situation in which the pet is experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

How does therapeutic laser work?

Photobiomodulation (the laser–tissue interaction) creates many consequences in the body’s cells, with the most significant being the reduction of pain and enhancement of healing. The therapeutic laser reduces pain by decreasing inflammation, decreasing tissue chemicals that stimulate pain, and affecting nerve conduction. The therapeutic laser also enhances healing by increasing microcirculation (blood flow through the smaller blood vessels of the body), stimulating cellular activity, and increasing growth factors.

How often will my pet need a therapeutic laser?

Some applications only involve a single treatment, such as post-operative incision therapy. However, most patients receiving therapeutic lasers are treated two to three times per week for several weeks. Acute issues are generally treated more frequently but over a shorter time frame, while chronic conditions tend to be treated less frequently but over a longer overall time frame.