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Preventative Care

At Oceanside Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to keeping your pets healthy and preventing disease whenever possible. We believe annual wellness exams are crucial to making this happen.

Wellness exams are performed with every vaccine appointment, but whether or not vaccines are due, it is very important to have your pet examined on a regular basis.

Preventative Care in Seaview, WA

Preventing illness in your pet is far superior to treating it. With regular exams to establish a health baseline for your pet, we can also recommend the appropriate vaccines to keep harmful diseases at bay and administer parasite preventatives to stave off infestations and parasitic diseases, too.

Important preventative care includes annual vaccinations, fecal examinations, deworming, flea prevention, blood screens, and nutrition counseling.

Diagnostic testing can be very helpful both when a pet is sick and when they are healthy to screen for a possible subclinical disease. We have in-house laboratory capabilities that allow us to run many diagnostic tests. The results are often completed the same day and you will hear from us within one to two days.

We believe that annual exams are the simplest and best preventative step you can take to care for your pet. Because pets age approximately 7 times faster than we do, regular examinations are important to monitor your pet’s health. Wellness exams, as well as blood and urine tests, can establish a baseline for your pet and detect changes early.

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At Oceanside Veterinary Hospital, we perform basic grooming for pets. This includes brushing and/or shaving the coat, bathing (using medicated shampoo when necessary), trimming nails, cleaning ears, and expressing anal glands. These services benefit the overall health of the pet.

Our veterinary assistants and technicians work closely with our veterinarians to treat special medical problems, such as ear infections and skin disorders.

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